Recollection of the forgotten taste...

GOBARTO is a new brand of cold meats available in Cedrob Company portfolio. This is a brand of pork cold meats, which has been awarded with Consumer’s Golden Bay Leaf as the DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR 2012.

Cold meats are produced from meat obtained from ecologically clean areas in northern Masovia, and their unique taste originates from carefully selected seasonings.

The latest line of Gobarto products can be easily found on store shelves. These cold meats produced from high quality Polish pork are prepared according to traditional recipes, according to international production standards.

- Gobarto is an outstanding line of products available on the Market, as far as look and quality are concerned. Their characteristic, noble taste and succulence are derived from highly selected perfect quality Polish meat, addition of natural seasoning such as garlic, pepper or bay leaves, not to mention the unique, traditional cold meats production process during which the final effect is achieved by means of alder smoke curing –
says Katarzyna Derybowska, Technology and Implementation Specialist in Cedrob SA – Gobarto are cold meats of high nutritive value, which is reflected by considerable percentage meat content. Additional advantage of these products is related with the fact that the majority of them do not contain phosphates. All this makes our products not only crunchy and tasty but also juicy, and due to their high quality they are highly appreciated by Customers.


Gobarto brand cold meats constitute a symbiosis of perfect taste and mouth-watering look.

There is nothing that could taste like well roasted or baked and naturally crunchy ham with tartar sauce or forest blueberry jam. Dishes served during a family meal should vary and should meet expectations of all guests, hence when Cedrob prepares any novelties, we never forget about all those preferring delicate cold meats.

We always try to prepare the highest quality products; most of all bearing in mind the welfare and satisfaction of our Consumers. We are truly grateful for awarding us with this incredible distinction. The award undoubtedly reflects the fact that Customers truly trust products provided by our Company.